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Aaron Rodgers to remain in Green Bay

Green Bay Packers v Detroit Lions Photo by Mike Mulholland/Getty Images

Pat McAfee broke the news that Aaron Rodgers will be returning to the Green Bay Packers. Ian Rapoport reported that the new contract will pay Rodgers $153 million guaranteed over the next 4 years. (McAfee disputes the report of the contract value) Rodgers will most likely be a Green Bay Packer for his entire career.

So now we can put all of the talk of the Tennessee Titans making a deal to bring Rodgers in to bed. It was never really realistic with everything that would have had to happen with the contracts involved.

Ryan Tannhill is going to be the starting quarterback when the season opens in September. I have been saying that since the season ended. What the Titans have to focus on now is getting great pieces in place around Tannehill.

They should also be spending time in prayer as an organization that they get a different Tannehill in the playoffs next season.