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Titans news: Jon Robinson fired round-up

It turned into a busy Tuesday for the Titans

New York Giants v Tennessee Titans Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

I am trying to bring the daily Tennessee Titans news links back. Yesterday was day one. Today is day two. I have been starting a story and just adding links to it as I see them throughout the day. I had a few things added for today when the Jon Robinson news broke. Those have been pushed to tomorrow. Today is all about the fallout from JRob being fired.

Jim Wyatt had the first story for the official Titans site that included the quote from Amy Adams Strunk. She doesn’t play around.

Paul Kuharsky says that AAS had to be pretty angry to fire JRob in-season.

Turron Davenport points out that Robinson is the second-winningest GM in franchise history.

Teresa Walker goes through the list of people AAS has fired since she took over. She hasn’t made a bad decision yet.

We have started to compile our list of options to replace Jon Robinson:

Three internal candidates

Three external candidates