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Report: Mike Vrabel expected to have significant power over Titans’ roster

With general manager Jon Robinson gone, the head coach will have more roster influence.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Tennessee Titans Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images

There is going to continue to be fallout from the Tennessee Titans firing general manager Jon Robinson. It was a move that was unexpected, especially with five games left in the regular season and the Titans leading the AFC South. The attention will now turn to who will replace Jon Robinson. We will have plenty more on that in the coming days, but this tweet might give you an indication of what is to come:

“Mike Vrabel expected to have significant power after Titans’ dismissal of general manager Jon Robinson, according to league sources,” wrote Aaron Wilson of KPRC in Houston.

Vrabel has done an excellent job as the head coach of this team. He is about to lead them to a third straight division title despite the fact that the personnel on the team was bad enough to get the general manager fired. I have no idea if there was any type of power struggle happening in the building, but it is certainly a possibility. You saw how mad Vrabel was on draft night when the A.J. Brown trade went down.

This positions Vrabel, as Wilson says, to have significant power within the organization. Will they give him complete say over player personnel? It is too early to know, but it is certainly a possibility. I will say they should be careful in doing that. It doesn’t always end well. Bill Belichick got a lot of praise for his ability to be the head coach and have player personnel control, but he doesn’t look quite as good as a GM with Tom Brady gone.

There are other guys in the building that could be a candidate to take over as GM with Robinson out. We will have a list of those guys later this afternoon. Between now and then, you can listen to the MCM Radio podcast reacting to this news here.