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Titans vs. Eagles open game thread

Kansas City Chiefs v Tennessee Titans Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

This one has been circled on a lot of calendars for a long time. There is going to be a lot of emotion with A.J. Brown aspect of the game. Hopefully, the Tennessee Titans can keep him from having a huge game. It would also be nice if they would feed Treylon Burks so crazy fans don’t start in on that mess. Burks didn’t ask for any of that stuff and has really been coming along since returning from IR.

A win here would be a massive boost for this team's confidence. The only win they have so far against a team with a winning record is over the Washington Commanders. They have been close in others, but as Andy Dwyer once said, close only counts in horse grenades. Knocking the Philadelphia Eagles to 10-2 would look good on their resume.

Use this thread to discuss the game.