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Reacts Results: Titans fans are way down

We’ve hit another season low!

NFC: Chargers vs Titans

12%. That’s the number of Tennessee Titans fans that think this team is headed in the right direction. If you are one of that 12% I would love to know how you think this team is headed in the right direction - because I don’t see it in the record, in the draft order, or in the development of players. This team has been in a tailspin for over a month.

For me, the only thing that can start to push that graph in the other direction would be if Malik Willis comes out over the next couple of weeks and look like a competent NFL quarterback. That’s all we have left to watch for this season.

I’ll pose the question to you - Is there anything you can see from this team over the next three weeks that will lead you to believe they are headed in the right direction?

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