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MCM Radio: The most correct and reasonable Ryan Tannehill take

There are a lot of takes out there about the Titans’ QB, This one is the best

Tennessee Titans v Los Angeles Chargers Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

Yesterday with 14:19 remaining in the 4th quarter, the Tennessee Titans had the ball at the Los Angeles Chargers’ 24-yard line facing a 3rd and 9. The score was tied at 7. Ryan Tannehill dropped back to pass and was sacked by Chris Rumph - who ran by Dennis Daley without being touched. Twitter exploded. Some people crushed Tannehill saying that a veteran quarterback has to know the one thing he can’t do in that situation is take a sack.* Some people noticed that Daley didn’t even touch Rumph giving Tannehill zero time. Lines were drawn.

That’s the majority of what today’s MCM Radio was all about (Listen here). I lay out the case for both sides and tell you where I ultimately land. You will have to listen to find out where that is, because this is, after all, a post to promote the podcast.

I also spent a significant amount of time talking about how terrible Todd Downing is and how there needs to be a Mike Mularkey/Terry Robiskie moment after the season is over if Mike Vrabel doesn’t come to the conclusion that Downing should be out on his own.

All of that and much, MUCH more on today’s very special edition of MCM Radio:

*As an aside, how about the kicker just make a 51-yard field goal at a (pretty much) indoor stadium?

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