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Reacts Results: Titans’ fans overwhelmingly agree with Jon Robinson firing

So 80% agreed with the decision to fire Jon Robinson. I have to say that turned pretty quickly. Just last year I was getting crushed for writing about how he wasn’t the GOAT GM that some people made him out to be. Life comes at you fast.

What’s even more surprising is that more people agree with that firing than think the Tennessee Titans will win the AFC South:

The Titans are still going to win the division. While the Jacksonville Jaguars have been playing better lately, they have been doing it with smoke and mirrors. They are going to lose their next two games and their fan will crawl back into his hole.

As I predicted, a loss to the Jags caused the confidence the Titans are heading in the right direction to tank:

This team has been the same for most of the year. The only reason the graph ever went up was that they beat some bad teams.