Up To Speed

Hello Titans fans, let’s review what’s happened with our Titans the last few weeks. So many of these topics were meant to be discussed at the time that they happened but due to life circumstances they’ll be jumbled into this one post.

First let’s start off with the Chiefs game. We all know what happened in this game so I won’t waste too much time on this game. I initially didn’t think we stood a chance since Malik Willis was starting this game but this team put up a hell of a fight. Malik Willis showed flashes of great play with some very good throws this game. However, as the game wore on Willis showed why he was a novice and eventually made some game costing decisions. Hopefully as he continues to grow he can put up much more consistent performances.

Although Willis struggled towards the end of the game, I believe it was because the offense was steering away from Derrick Henry and trying to rely more on Willis which I do not understand. Why take the ball away from your best player and put it into the hands of your rookie quarterback? Also, the wide receivers did Willis absolutely no favors in this fame. None of the receivers did anything remotely useful and heading into next year this group needs to be churned upside down. Our tight ends were the more useful receiving threats. Austin Hooper had some nice catches and hopefully he can be more productive down the stretch. Chig Okonkwo had a hell of a play on the first offensive play. He looked great with the ball in his hands and I would love to see him more involved in our offense.

I really think that instead of settling for the field goal that put the score to 17-9 the Titans should’ve been the aggressor and went for it on fourth down. The Chiefs offense wasn’t doing anything since their first drive and in a game where you’re starting your rookie quarterback I thought that at that particular moment Vrabel should’ve been aggressive in extending our lead before Mahomes had a chance to come back. Lastly, the two point conversion that tied the game. Travis Kelce clearly committed offensive pass interference as well which should’ve nullified the defensive pass interference called. Normally I don’t like talking about the officials but sometimes you need to hold them accountable.

Next, let’s discuss the Packers game. The receivers finally showed up and put up a good performance. Chig Okonkwo continued to make plays when given the chance which and Austin Hooper had some nice touchdown catches as well. Overall the team played well in all aspects of the game and it was so nice to finally see a competent passing game.

Now because the Packers game was several weeks ago we are all aware of Todd Downing being arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence. Personally, I think that Downing should’ve been suspended for some time because his actions and decision is inexcusable. On the grounds of being fired I think that it can certainly be on the table because of how poor the offense has played but because of the lone good offense game against the Packers I think that was his one saving grace. Downing’s future in Tennessee will be heavily discussed further in a future post.

Once upon a time, after the Packers game our Titans were 7-3 and excitement was definitely in the air about the future of this team. Fast forward to the Bengals game and we all know what happened. This loss was the Titan’s third straight loss to the Bengals in a game where it would’ve been nice to have some revenge from last year’s playoff lost and potentially propelled this team in the proper direction. It was very disappointed losing this game considering that the Bengals were without Ja’marr Chase and Joe Mixon. Some things that stood out to me were that the kicking game still needs a major upgrade. I know Bullock wasn’t the kicker this game but as I’ve previously noted in past posts I am over Bullock and want a new and improved kicker as soon as possible. We could’ve been up 13-10 at the half if it weren’t for the missed field goal. Also, settling for the field to bring the game to 16-20 was not what I thought Vrabel should’ve done. Knowing Vrabel’s personality I think that he should’ve been more aggressive and went for it on fourth down rather than cut the lead to 4 points. Derrick Henry didn’t receive as many carries as he should’ve had which astounds me as well. Lastly, it was extremely disappointing seeing the penalty at the end of the game that cost us this game. Vrabel’s team has always been disciplined and it was very uncharacteristic for the special teams to cost us this game.

To the dreadful game against AJ Brown and the Eagles this past week. This game had a lot of hype around it obviously because of AJ Brown. Initially I thought that this team could’ve stood a chance but we all saw how it went. Not much that can be taken away from this game in a positive light. Treylon Burks had a nice touchdown catch but was knocked out due to the big hit he took. Derrick Henry’s carries continue to take an unusual low hit as well. We were beaten badly in all aspects of this game and AJ Brown had a field day against us in the process. Not much else can be said anymore about this game besides the firing of Jon Robinson which will be discussed further in another post.

Finally, all of this brings us to today’s game against the Jaguars where we proceeded to get our behinds kicked in our house. The game started out with exchanges of punts and then scores but before the half turnovers and bad play let to the jaguars taking a 20-14 lead and eventually winning 22-36. This loss today made things go from bad to worse for this team. They have now dropped their third straight game and fall to 7-6. Because of how bad this division is I still think this team will win the division but they will be nothing more than a one and done team in the postseason. I have no idea where this team goes from here and can only look towards next season.