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NFL playoff picture: Titans remain 4th seed

Jacksonville Jaguars v Tennessee Titans Photo by Justin Ford/Getty Images

Despite their embarrassing loss today, the Tennessee Titans would still be the 4th seed in the AFC playoffs if the season ended today. That is because they are still leading a terrible AFC South division. At this point, the Titans will be lucky to hold on to win the division. That’s how bad this roster is with the combination of injuries and just bad players.

The Kansas City Chiefs (10-3) remain the top overall seed in the AFC. The Chiefs knocked off the Denver Broncos 34-28 today. The Buffalo Bills (10-3) remained the second seed with their 20-12 win over the New York Jets. The 9-4 Baltimore Ravens remain the three seed. They lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers today, but they still hold the tiebreaker over the 9-3 Cincinnati Bengals because the Ravens beat the Bengals earlier this season.

The three AFC Wild Card teams would be the Bengals, the (8-4) Miami Dolphins, and the (7-6) New York Jets if the season ended today. The Titans would face the fifth seed. Who that is depends on the outcome of Sunday Night Football between the Dolphins and Los Angeles Chargers.

Over in the NFC, the Philadelphia Eagles (12-1) remain the top seed. They are followed by the Minnesota Vikings (10-3), the San Francisco 49ers (9-4), and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (6-7). The wild card teams would be the Dallas Cowboys (10-3), Washington Commanders (7-5-1), and the New York Giants (7-5-1). It’s pretty funny to me that the South division in each conference is bad while the North division has at least three teams that would be in if the season ended today.