Mike Vrabel has failed as the "leader of men" for the Titans he was hired to be and it's time for him to be on the hot seat

Don't get me wrong Mike Vrabel is a great coach. It's not an accident he has done better than anyone with better with less talent and has as of today a 47-27 record. He's the only coach that has made one game wonders of no-name players like; Joshua Kalu, Andrew Adams, Nick Westbrook-Ikhine, Khalif Raymond, Geoff Swaim, AJ Cole, Tre Avery, Marcus Johnson, Teair Tart, Naquon Jones, Mario Edwards Jr. He also earned NFL coach of the year in 2021 season for gaining a 1 seed with the injuries to Derrick Henry, AJ Brown, Taylor Lewan, etc.. Yet we just lost to Jacksonville 36-22 at home after one of the worst weeks in Titans history and I'm calling for his job. Why am I calling for his job it's because he has failed to show leadership or take any accountability at critical times and it's gotten worse. Vrabel has consistently not taken accountability for things that have gone wrong notably; press conference incidents, Cincinnati Playoff loss, Todd Downing, Rookie development, Ryan Tannehill, Malik Willis's development, Asthmagate, ref controversies, which I'll get into. The fights with the medias and arrogant press conferences particularly going after Paul Kuharsky, Jared Stillman, and Turron Davenport have gotten tiresome it's fine if your winning Super Bowls but we haven't done that. The lowest point was this week when Vrabel said he didn't remember if Amy Adams Strunk was involved in Jon Robinson's personnel decision yet evidence showed otherwise it came off as a simple question that any reporter would ask was beneath him which is how he often acts when asked tough questions and it's a pattern he will only talk about certain things when he can't have it both ways. Another press conference incident was after the Colts win on October 2nd when Turron Davenport asked him how they would fix the 2nd half offense he not only refused to answer the question he went after Turron Davenport when he simply could've said our offense needs to get better and we will evaluate the offense but he couldn't do that and later in this same press conference he blamed Traylon Burks for getting injured which not only is appalling it shows he doesn't think the offense is the issue when it clearly is and it shows him as hypocritical when it comes to certain thing and he plays favorites with players and throws players under the bus which I'll get to later. Speaking of Traylon Burks brings us to Asthmagate in May 2022 when it was reported Burks had a conditioning problem at mini-camps and was out of shape but it turned out he had asthma. Vrabel for some reason tried to cover it up because he thought it would've made him look foolish but it took WR's coach Rob Moore to tell the public what really happened that Burks simply had Asthma which is alarming trend about Vrabel not taking accountability for a simple thing. Vrabel has refused to take any accountability for the Playoff loss to Cincinnati which is one of the darkest days in Titans history up there with one yard short and 2000 ravens loss but ironically it's not his coaching it's his defense of Tannehill the defense had a 9 sack performance and lost for the first time in NFL history but Vrabel gave a full throated defense of Tannehill by throwing others players under the bus including which is not only shocking for a defensive guy but shows he truly he lacks self awareness. This whole offseason Vrabel, Robinson, and Tannehill were completely unprepared to deal with the fallout of the Cincinnati playoff game, which is one of the reasons Robinson is no longer GM, they haven't once taken accountability which is part of being a leader is taking responsibility when it's hard and Vrabel failed the test. Speaking of Tannehill brings me to Tannehill Vrabel has failed to hold him accountability when things go wrong instead insulting the publics intelligence by giving defenses of Tannehill and throwing other players under the bus to defend Tannehill. Look its true that Tannehill saved Vrabel job in 2019 by that AFC Championship run but that does not give Tannehill a free pass. Titans fans want a franchise quarterback and Tannehill isn't it and Vrabel has done nothing but insult the fans intelligence with his defense of Tannehill. Vrabel treatment and development of Malik Willis is another reason he should be on the hot seat. When Tannehill made the mentorship comments which is another article for another day Vrabel and Robinson were nowhere to be found, refused to even condemn Tannehill, and even worse didn't even defend Malik Willis when they should have only to appease Tannehill. We don't know if Malik Willis is the franchise QB of the future but Vrabel needs to show he will develop him and he's failed. Vrabel and Todd Downing also have set Malik Willis up to fail. They hindered Willis's develop during the pre-season particularly benching Willis during the Baltimore game drive that Logan Woodside ended up throwing an interception and threw Willis under the bus and insulted us with the pointless Woodside-Willis competition when everyone knew Willis was the guy. Vrabel and Downing also have developed Malik Willis poorly Willis has looked unprepared to to play each time he's come in and that's a lack of coaching from Downing and Vrabel. The most obvious reason Vrabel has failed as a leader is refusing to hold Todd Downing accountable. Todd Downing has made the offense worse and won't adjust his predictable playcalling. Instead of holding Downing accountable Vrabel has either denied a problem or has insulted the press and fans to defend Downing when it's obvious to everyone Downng is an issue. The most disgraceful part of Vrabel defending Downing is the defending him after the DUI incident. Look I'm sympathetic towards people with drug and alcohol problems and I want Downing to get his life together and I personally think the DUI was an isolated incident but he's not good enough to keep his job. What makes it worse is former Houston Texans O Coordinator Tim Kelly is on the staff and could have easily taken over the position and play calling has has proven to develop players and play call well but no Vrabel for some reason arrogantly defends Downing it's not only bad PR but it's even worse that he's defending someone who is incompetent job. If Vrabel refuses to take accountability when things go wrong and if he refuses to get rid of Downing Vrabel needs to be fired and he will have no one to blame but himself.