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Titans-Jaguars quick recap: Tennessee embarrassed at home 36-22

The worst performance of the Mike Vrabel era

Jacksonville Jaguars v Tennessee Titans Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

This 36-22 loss was the most embarrassing performance of the Mike Vrabel era. The turnovers crushed them more than anything, but the offensive line and entire defense didn’t help. The team they ran out there today is probably the third best team in the AFC South. They will get some guys back from injury over the next few weeks hopefully to be able to hold on to the division.

Here is how the game unfolded:

The Tennessee Titans got off to a fast start in this one. They marched right down the field on a 10-play 76-yard drive that ended with Derrick Henry doing what he do against the Jacksonville Jaguars - scoring a TD.

The Titans' defense had a good first drive by holding the Jaguars to a 3 and out on their first drive. However, Dennis Daley did what he do in every game - gave up a sack where Ryan Tannehill fumbled. That led to Jacksonville’s first TD of the game when Trevor Lawrence found Evan Engrams for a 12-yard touchdown. That tied the game at 7.

The Titans answered on their next drive getting a touchdown when Tannehill found Chig Okonkwo in the end zone. It was Chig’s 2nd TD of his career.

Tennessee’s defense held again and forced a punt, but Tannehill threw an interception on a play where he and Nick West-Ikhine weren’t on the same page. That led to a Jags field goal.

The next drive for the Titans was a three and out after Tannehill barely overthrew Racey McMath on third down. Jacksonville got another field goal following that punt.

The Titans got the ball back and were driving until Henry got upended on a reception and lost a fumble. The Jaguars would turn that into a touchdown when Lawrence’s pass went through the hands of Roger McCreary into the hands of Zay Jones. It was initially ruled incomplete but replay overturned the call for a touchdown.

After a holding penalty negated a kickoff return touchdown to open the second half, the Jaguars took the ball 72 yards on 12 plays. It ended with Lawrence embarrassing Dylan Cole on a TD run.

The Titans did 2nd half offense things on the next drive. Evan Engram then had his 2nd TD of the game and the route was on.

I could keep going but I don’t want to.