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Reacts Results: Confidence holds steady in wake of Jon Robinson firing

Tennessee Titans v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images

I was expecting a huge dip in the confidence poll this week, but confidence actually went up 2% even after the Tennessee Titans were blown out by the Philadelphia Eagles. Of course the big news this week is that Jon Robinson was fired. That is most likely what kept the numbers from bottoming out here.

Today is a big one. I doubt we get too huge of a bump up with a win today. The Titans should be expected to pull out a win against the Jaguars. With that being said, my guess is there is a huge dip if the Titans lose. I get it.

The next big thing that should really move the needle here is the hiring of a new GM. We assume Mike Vrabel will have more roster control going forward but there will be a GM hired. We have posted an internal and external candidates list. Who are some other names the Titans should consider?