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Amy Adams Strunk on Jon Robinson firing: It was time to move forward

The first interview from the owner of the Titans.

NFL: Indianapolis Colts at Tennessee Titans Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

The Tennessee Titans shook things up in a big way this week, firing GM Jon Robinson after another embarrassing blowout loss to one of the NFL’s best teams. The Titans were smacked by the Eagles last Sunday, serving as a cold reminder — as decent as the Titans’ record looks, they’re not ready to contend for anything this year.

I wrote about that exact feeling on Monday, and Amy Adams Strunk apparently felt the same way. She made the move on Tuesday, putting things in motion so the Titans can move quickly after the season ends.

On Friday, she gave her first interview on the topic with the AP and Teresa Walker.

“Honestly I had made the decision, it was time to move forward,” the owner of the Titans said of the decision to move on from Robinson. “There was no reason to go six, seven, eight weeks however long we remain in the season. It was not fair to Jon, it was not fair to the team. It just seemed the right thing.”

Robinson was instrumental in getting the Titans back to being respectable. He quickly rebuilt the roster and got them competitive, but missed out on his championship window over the last few years with this current core.

His decision to trade away A.J. Brown this offseason was heavily scrutinized, and that move was on full display on Sunday afternoon.

“It gives us plenty of opportunity now to identify future candidates that we’re going to interview, to watch the internal candidates — I’m just not that person that’s going to sit on a decision like that,” Amy Adams Strunk said.

So what now? It’s very apparent that the Titans are all in on Mike Vrabel now. Somebody had to take the fall for personnel issues, and that goes directly back to Jon Robinson. Now, Vrabel will more than likely have more input, likely even on the hire of the next GM. Getting that relationship right will be the big key.

Interestingly enough, the Titans are destined to make the playoff this year. They’re probably going to breeze their way to a playoff spot, thanks to how bad the AFC South is. We’ll see if they can make anything of it, but a big decision looms after.