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Week 9 in the AFC South

At least the Colts still stink!

Tennessee Titans v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

The Tennessee Titans had a chance to pick up another game on the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday night, but unfortunately, Todd Downing is still the offensive coordinator. Have they ever thought about making him use the same script to open the second half that he uses in this first half? Somebody should run that idea by St. Thomas Sports Park.

Speaking of the Colts, they got boat raced by the New England Patriots 27-6. The meltdown in Indianapolis has been really fun to watch. They probably end up third in the division now that they have hired a coach who has never coached above high school. Such a well run organization.

The Las Vegas Raiders let us down. They were up 20-10 on the Jacksonville Jaguars at halftime but lost 27-20. Downing must have been calling plays for the Raiders in the second half. The Raiders have a meltdown of their own going on.

It goes without saying but the Houston Texans lost in week 9 as well - 29-17 to the Philadelphia Eagles. I wonder how much time A.J. Brown spent thinking about the Titans during that game. It seems to be the only thing he does.

AFC South Standings Week 9

Titans 5-3

Colts 3-5-1

Jaguars 3-6

Texans 1-6-1