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Titans vs. Chiefs preview: 5 Questions with Arrowhead Pride

Good info from our friends at Arrowhead Pride on the Chiefs

Syndication: The Tennessean George Walker IV / / USA TODAY NETWORK

Tom Childs of Arrowhead Pride was nice enough to answer five questions about his Kansas City Chiefs to preview the match-up on Sunday Night Football. Be sure and head over to AP to check out my answers to Tom’s questions. A huge thanks to Tom for taking the time!

1. How has the Chiefs offense been different without Tyreek Hill?

Somehow it has gotten better. I don’t really know how that could be possible when you lose a player that looks like he is on course to win Offensive Player of the Year — yet once again, Andy Reid has proven that he is a genius.

The big difference is the balance. When Hill was around, Pat was guilty of focusing on Tyreek and Travis. These days, Mahomes is far more generous with his targets to what I would call ‘the other guys’.

The Chiefs are proving very difficult to defend — and it shows in the metrics too, as the Chiefs currently lead the NFL in offensive DVOA.

2. Are the Chiefs equipped to stop Derrick Henry?

I’m not sure if the Chiefs have been or ever will be truly equipped to stop Henry. Let’s be honest, is anyone?

The way they can manage it isn’t on a snap-to-snap basis — but more so through game management and situational football.

If the Chiefs can get out to a lead early then that obviously negates an opponents rushing attack. We have already seen Tampa abandon the run against the Chiefs this year.

It’s been a solid tactic for KC so far this season which has led to the Chiefs possessing one of the stingier run defenses in the NFL.

3. Do you think we see much of Kadarius Toney this week? How do you anticipate they will use him in the offense once he is up to speed?

I eluded to the other receivers earlier, and that is exactly who Toney will be for the Chiefs.

Will he become a future number 1 receiver? Probably not. But a contributor with a set of skills that Reid can work with? Absolutely.

Speaking of Andy Reid — he mentioned that Toney has been working to get ready for Sunday — great news for everyone wanting to see Toney, right? I lean towards some smoke and mirrors here, as I’m not convinced it will actually translate into anything else otherthan a couple of manufactured touches.

After all, Reid’s offense is notoriously hard for receivers to pick up.

4. When these two teams played last year the Titans defense was able to really make Patrick Mahomes uncomfortable. How has the offensive line changed since that game?

That game seems like such a long time ago! In fact, I thought I had erased it from my memory, so thanks for that.

The Chiefs offense from the first 7 games of last season was just flat-out weird. Nothing was working at all — especially on that day in Nashville. The Titans defensive line MANHANDLED the Chiefs offensive line. Frankly, it was embarrassing.

Thankfully, the offensive line hasn’t been worked like that since. At times, yeah they’ve struggled but overall they’ve been pretty solid although not spectacular.

I’ll not lie, I’m particularly looking forward to the battle in the trenches. For many, it could be seen as strength on strength — even though I wouldn’t go that far.

Plus, Jeffery Simmons comments make it that little bit tastier.

5. The Titans are currently a 12-point underdog at DraftKings Sportsbook. Which side of the bet are you taking? Give us your game prediction.

That line is crazy. The Chiefs literally never blow out opponents at home while playing under the lights of Arrowhead. For that reason alone I can’t see the Chiefs covering.

Yeah, I think Kansas City will come out on top, but I’ll think it be a lot nervier than many would expect. Chiefs 30 Titans 27