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Denico Autry expected to miss time

He’ll miss time but should be back this season

Tennessee Titans v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

Mike Vrabel said in his press conference today that he expects Denico Autry to miss time with the injury he suffered last night. He also said that he doesn’t expect it to end his season and that “Denico usually finds a way to get back sooner rather than later.” There was no indication of whether or not they will put him on IR.

This is a tough loss for a Tennessee Titans defense that has had a ton of injuries this season. Autry has been one of Jon Robinson’s best free agent finds. Autry and Simmons have been such a good tandem up front.

Hopefully, Bud Dupree will be able to come back for the game against the Cincinnati Bengals in week 12. That would make the loss of Autry hurt a little bit less. Another thing that will help with Autry being out is how well the guys Robinson has brought in - Mario Edwards, Jr., DeMarcus Walker, Teair Tart - have played.