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Titans fans grade Todd Downing and Shane Bowen

Is that grade for Downing too high?

Syndication: The Tennessean George Walker IV / / USA TODAY NETWORK

This week I decided to do approval polls for two of the Tennessee Titans coordinators. You will not be surprised to see that there aren’t that many fans who approve of the job that Todd Downing has done as the offensive coordinator:

I’d honestly like to know what that 6% have been watching. I know there have been personnel issues, but Downing has no idea how to call a game.

On the flip side, the approval rate for Titans defensive coordinator Shane Bowen is through the roof:

Bowen has also had to deal with personnel issues, mainly because of injury, but his group has been really good.

As for the approval of the overall direction of the team, it continues to tick up:

A win tonight on the road at Lambeau Field will probably send that number even higher, and just think where that number would go if Downing were no longer the OC.

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