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Give Chig Okonkwo Geoff Swaim’s snaps

Tennessee Titans v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Chig Okonkwo has 7 catches for 141 yards and a touchdown this season. That’s not a misprint. Chig is averaging just over 20 yards per catch. Yet, for some inexplicable reason, Okonkwo gets out-snapped by Geoff Swaim every single game. Yesterday that difference was 33-20 in favor of Swaim.

Okonkwo was billed as a Jonnu Smith-type tight end when he was drafted - meaning he is a good blocker and good receiver. They tell us Swaim is a good blocker, and they would know more about that than we would, but he certainly isn’t a good receiver.

The good news from yesterday is that Austin Hooper led the tight ends in snaps. Ryan Tannehill targeted Hooper 7 times yesterday. This pass catching group, when everyone is healthy, can be good enough for the Tennessee Titans to move the football and score points. They just have to get the right guys on the field. That starts with getting Chig on the field and Geoff off of it.