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Titans sweep of the Colts sends confidence through the roof

The Titans crushed the Colts hopes and dreams on Sunday

As I predicted last week, the Tennessee Titans' fan confidence is at an all-time high after the sweep of the Indianapolis Colts. They were the Titans' toughest competition in the AFC South. The Titans all but eliminated them on Sunday. Good to have that wrapped up before the calendar turns to November!

The other question I asked this week is what is the Titans' biggest need right now between offensive line help and wide receiver? They clearly need both, but it’s pretty obvious to me that offensive line is the bigger need. The people agree:

Lastly, the confidence that the team is headed in the right direction took a hit this week. I don’t understand how anyone has been confident in that the entire season. You know what would help with that? An acquisition at the trade deadline. Make it happen, Jon!

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