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Tennessee Titans release renderings of proposed new stadium

Check out the new look!

The Tennessee Titans released renderings of their potential new stadium on Tuesday morning. They look really awesome. I love that they used the picture of Derrick Henry tossing Josh Norman aside in the pictures of the inside:

Titans’ team president and CEO Burke Nihil also sent out a press release regarding the new stadium:

“We envision a potential new stadium that makes our community proud and enhances the reputation of our great city and state. We're focused on designing a stadium capable of hosting a prestigious international event on a Sunday and a steady flow of impactful community programming later that same week. This is a building that would serve Nashville and Tennessee for generations.”

This is going to be an awesome venue for all kinds of events. The one thing that I still hope for is that they find a way to make it natural grass - whether they have an option for the field to roll out like in Arizona or they go with a retractible roof. It doesn’t appear that is going to happen, however.