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Homage launches NFL Starter jacket line

These things are really sweet!

Look, you probably hate it when you see a post that is basically an ad. I get it. HOWEVA, if you have been around here long you know that I hardly ever do it. I only ever do it when there is a really cool product. That is exactly what we have today. Our friends at Homage have launched a new line of Starter jackets and they are awesome!

They are officially licensed for all NFL teams. You can see the Tennessee Titans starter jacket below and get yours here!

These are inspired by the classic designs of the 80s/90s, HOMAGE x Starter Satin Jackets are built for the sidelines, with all the classic details of the original: full-snap buttons, slip pockets, elbow stripes and the essential custom interior patch. The custom interior patch for the Titans is, of course, paying homage to the Music City Miracle. This jacket would be a great gift for the Titans fans in your life!