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NFL trade deadline 2022: Could the Titans trade Austin Hooper?

Sure. Why not?

Syndication: The Indianapolis Star Jenna Watson/IndyStar / USA TODAY NETWORK

The NFL trade deadline is November 1st. Between now and then there will be a million rumors and four trades will be made. The NFL traditionally has the least active trade deadline of any of the major sports. Are you waiting for the Tennessee Titans to trade for D.J. Moore? Good luck with that.

Jeremy Fowler of ESPN posted an article today with a bunch of rumors, and there was a Titans’ nugget in there. He said Austin Hooper “is a name to keep an eye on.” I was really excited when the Titans signed Hooper this offseason. He seemed like the perfect guy for this offense because he can block and catch the ball. Well, to be honest, he hasn’t done much of either very well since he came to the Titans.

What the Titans really need to do is trade Hooper for a left tackle who can actually block someone. That shouldn’t be too hard to pull off, right?