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Report: Titans reach deal with city of Nashville for new stadium

One step closer.

Syndication: The Tennessean Nicole Hester / The Tennessean / USA TODAY NETWORK

According to Nate Rau of Axios, the much talked about new stadium is one step closer for the Tennessee Titans and the city of Nashville.

According to the deal, a brand new domed stadium will replace the existing Nissan Stadium, opening the door for Nashville to host a future Super Bowl, College Football Playoff games, and plenty more. The move certainly makes sense, with how hot the city of Nashville has been over the past decade. Music City has become a national destination, and it’s about to grow even more.

Per the report, the stadium will cost up to $2.2 billion. It will be located to the east of Nissan Stadium as a part of the east bank redevelopment plan. Rau says the team will fund $800 million of the project, with the rest set to come from state bonds and additional taxes.

Nissan Stadium opened in 1999. A 25 (ish) year run (or however long the build would take) would certainly be a short one, but a new, state of the art facility would open up all kinds of possibilities for Nashville. Can you imagine a New Year’s Eve party complete with a CFP semifinal? How about a final four? Or week-long Super Bowl party?

Of course, all of this must go through the proper channels and receive final approval. If all sides agree, it would be the largest building project in Metro history. Rau’s report says legislation will go in front of Metro Council in the coming weeks.