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Confidence in a Titans AFC South three-peat continues to grow

The odds are in the Titans favor!

Confidence that the Tennessee Titans will win the AFC South (among Titans fans) is up to 86%. That number should be closer to 95%. It really should be if the Titans get a win next week against the Indianapolis Colts. If you believe the Colts are the 2nd best team in the division like I do, a sweep would pretty much lock up the three-peat.

Now confidence that the team is headed in the right direction on the other hand hasn’t bumped up very much even with a three-game winning streak:

As I have said for weeks now, it is tough to give this one a vote of approval. The Titans are a middle-of-the-road team currently. They are going to win against most teams that won’t make the playoffs, but they are going to have trouble against teams that are actual Super Bowl contenders.

What would it take for you to be confident that the Titans are heading in the right direction?