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What can the Titans do on the offensive line?

NFL: Tennessee Titans at Washington Commanders Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The Tennessee Titans have to do something about the left side of their offensive line. While they have had issues with the right side of the line, Nate Davis has been solid and Nicholas Petit-Frere has played well enough as a rookie in the NFL. The left side has been terrible since Taylor Lewan went down with an ACL injury.

How bad have they been?

They plugged Dennis Daley in Lewan’s left tackle spot and to say he has been a disaster isn’t putting it strongly enough. He played at a Will Svitek level yesterday. If you know, you know. That has to get figured out this week. They can’t run any downfield type of passing game with Daley playing left tackle. How bad can Dillon Radunz really be at left tackle? Radunz has played one game at tackle in his career, last year against the San Francisco 49ers, and he was better than Daley has been.

Aaron Brewer at left guard is also a problem. He does fine in the run game, but he only weighs 274 pounds. Bigger defensive linemen can just bully him to get to Ryan Tannehill. Maybe he is the best option this year at the position, but they should be looking to upgrade before next season.

So what can they do in the bye week? Give Radunz snaps at tackle. They spend a second round pick on the guy with the hopes that he would be their right tackle. That hasn’t played out for a variety of reasons, but with the way Daley has played it seems ridiculous to me to not put him out there and find out if he can play tackle in the NFL.