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Confidence the Titans will win the AFC South on the rise

It’s crazy what a win will do!

Last week only 39% of Tennessee Titans fans thought they would win the AFC South. That number is up almost 20% this week after they barely beat the Las Vegas Raiders at home. It should rise another 20% if they are able to win on the road this week against the Indianapolis Colts.

The confidence the team is heading in the right direction is on the rise this week as well:

This one is tougher for me. I have never lost confidence they will win the division, but it would be tough for me to say they are headed in the right direction. There are still just too many unanswered questions on that front.

I had to throw in a Derrick Henry vs. Jonathan Taylor question this week with the Titans playing the Colts:

Shame on those of you who didn’t say that Derrick Henry would win the rushing title. I still have faith that he will as long as stays healthy all year.