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REPORT: Derrick Henry to practice tomorrow

Kansas City Chiefs v Tennessee Titans Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Dianna Russini of ESPN is reporting that Derrick Henry is expected to return to practice for the Titans tomorrow. We knew this was a possibility when Mike Vrabel said on Monday they would make a decision on that mid-week. Now we have concrete(ish) evidence that it will indeed happen:

The end there is really interesting. I have said all along that I am against Henry playing against the Texans because of the research that shows that guys who come back before 10 weeks from this injury have a much better chance at re-injury.

With that being said, the team is going to have better information on where King Henry is coming off the injury. I have no doubt they will make the decision that is best for Henry and the franchise.

This basically ensures that Henry will be ready to go for the playoffs. It is going to be so huge for this team to get back a fresh Henry for a playoff run!