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AFC playoff scenarios week 18

Syndication: The Tennessean George Walker IV / / USA TODAY NETWORK

If you have been a Tennessee Titans fan for any length of time, you remember the days of 9-7 and scoreboard watching in the last week of the regular season. Those are some nerve-racking days. Luckily, the Titans aren’t in that position this week. They are already in the playoffs. The only thing that matters for them this week is a win against the Texans gives them the number one seed and a bye.

They can also back into the number one seed with a couple of different scenarios:

Again, the obvious path to the number one seed, bye, and an extra week for Derrick Henry to get healthy is just to beat the Texans on Sunday. They should be able to do that with no problem, but they would already be there if they had beaten the Texans earlier in the season.

Here are the rest of the playoff scenarios in week 18: