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Vrabel: Titans could open Derrick Henry’s window to return this week

Syndication: The Tennessean George Walker IV / / USA TODAY NETWORK

Mike Vrabel was asked about Derrick Henry’s return in his press conference today and said they could open his window to return from injured reserve mid-week this week. That means the Tweet we have all been waiting for from Jim Wyatt, Derrick Henry has been designated to return from IR, should be coming very, very soon.

Vrabel did go on to say that there are no plans to play him this week. He was also asked if the rules for designating player to return and the timeline for their return is the same in the playoffs as it is in the regular season. He says that it is. That means that they could designate Henry to return this week but wait until the week of the divisional round, assuming a win over the Texans this week, to activate him. Henry could still practice like normal during the interim time.

So we are really on the cusp of getting back a fresh Derrick Henry for a playoff run.