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Maybe the Titans can’t win a Super Bowl with Ryan Tannehill

Syndication: The Enquirer The Enquirer/Kareem Elgazzar / USA TODAY NETWORK

Let me start off by saying this, I hope and pray that a year from now someone is screenshotting this as a freezing cold take while Ryan Tannehill holds the Lombardi Trophy. There is nothing that would make my heart happier.

Look, I have been a staunch Tannehill defender. Even last night at the game, when Khari Blasingame dropped that pass, the guy in front of me was going off about how terrible Tannehill was. I said it was ridiculous to blame that on Tannehill. But then he missed a slant to A.J. Brown. And then he threw a pass right at a defensive back that got picked off. And then he missed a crosser to A.J. over the middle. And then he targeted freaking Nick Westbrook-Ikhine in triple coverage.... And so it goes with Tannehill.

This team was supposed to have everything. They fixed the defense in one offseason. They brought in Julio Jones to pair with A.J. The quarterback isn’t great, but as many people believed, myself included, he is good enough to win a Super Bowl with great pieces around him. I know that the Julio acquisition didn’t go the way they hoped. I know that Derrick Henry missed most of the season with a broken foot, but last night all they needed to win that game was for the quarterback to take care of the ball. They probably win the game if he just doesn’t throw the 2nd pick.

For the second year in a row, the Titans' offensive season ends on a Tannehill interception. For the second year in a row, we see a picture like this:

(Remember the picture last year of A.J. wide open when the pass went to freaking Kalif Raymond?)

Now I know it’s not always as simple as it looks for a screenshot, and there is a really good chance that if Tannehill does throw it to Anthony Firkser he doesn’t get the first down, but they do get to punt and one play doesn’t end their season as it did after the interception.

It sucks, man. With Tannehill’s cap number, I don’t see any way he’s not the quarterback next year. The Titans would seem to be the odds on favorite to win the division again, but there is a really good chance that we are sitting here having a very similar conversation next January.

And if you need something else to think about from that one, why was Julio on the sidelines for that play?? Or the decision to go for 2 after the first touchdown....