Coach of the Year

Let me preface this by saying I am NOT taking anything away from other coach of the year candidates, BUT the coach of the year award belongs to Mike Vrabel.

Huge props to Jon Robinson and Mike Vrabel for being able to find players to come in and play for this team when they have been ravaged by the injury bug harder than any team in NFL history. The Titans have had over 90 players who have dressed down and play for this team this season. I know this is an astounding number but it didn’t really click in my head until someone pointed out that this number is larger than a preseason roster which consists of 90 players.

For Mike Vrabel to have this team in the number one seed is massively impressive. To have the next man up mentality and have backups and new players coming in to play at a level that consistently churn out wins heavily underrates Mike Vrabel and the coaching staff’s ability to coach their players.

On top of all of the injuries, the Titans best play Derrick Henry missed half the season with a Jones fracture injury and AJ Brown and Julio Jones have been in and out of the line-up. Imagine having three of the team’s best players in and out of the line-up all season long but your team is still the number one seed. That is impressive. I know that Matt LaFleur dealt with Aaron Rodger’s drama during the offseason and that Zac Taylor had this incredible year with Joe Burrow but Mike Vrabel overcome much more and still has this team in the playoffs as the number one seed. If it was up to me Vrabel would be coach of the year but unfortunately the decision isn’t up to me. Knowing how the NFL and national media feel about the Titans Vrabel probably won’t win coach of the year but that’s okay. I’m sure he is only thinking about the playoffs and eventually the superbowl.