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2021 NFL Playoff Schedule: The Titans get to watch Wild Card weekend

NFL: JAN 09 Titans at Texans Photo by Leslie Plaza Johnson/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

You know what’s fun? Not having to worry about anything on Wild Card weekend. The Titans get to sit back and let the playoffs come to them. It’s been A LONG TIME since they were in this position. Plus there’s the whole extra week to get Derrick Henry healthy.

You know what else was fun? Getting to watch that Raiders and Chargers game last night without having to worry about the outcome. The Titans, against all odds, were able to enter the weekend with the only question being if they were going to be the number one seed or not.

You know what else was fun? The Colts having a 98% chance of making the playoffs two weeks ago and then missing the playoffs with an embarrassing loss to the Jaguars.

And lastly, this email was really fun:

Wild Card Weekend is going to be a lot of fun. We get six games over three days, including the first ever Monday night playoff game. Here is the full schedule:

The Titans will get the lowest remaining seed in the AFC. We know that it will not be the Chiefs or the Bills.