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So Julio Jones IS hurt

Syndication: The Indianapolis Star Jenna Watson/IndyStar via Imagn Content Services, LLC

How can you tell when an NFL coach is lying? When his mouth is moving. There was so much debate over why Julio Jones wasn’t on the field in the fourth quarter of the game against the Colts. Mike Vrabel told us after the game on Sunday and on Monday that they were just managing Julio’s reps...and some people actually bought that.

Why? It makes zero sense to not have your future Hall of Fame receiver on the field against a divisional rival in a 1-point game in the 4th quarter. Especially when A.J. Brown was already out of the game.

Turns out he is hurt:

So now we will be on practice report watch for the next few days. We pretty much know that A.J. Brown is out this week. I would be surprised if Julio practices at all before Friday. The good news here is that the Titans SHOULD be able to win the next two games without both of the guys, but then again, they lost to the Bengals last year so....