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What are the odds? Titans vs. Colts

Tennessee Titans v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images

The Tennessee Titans avoided an 0-2 start last week, thanks to a dramatic come from behind win on the road against the Seahawks. After a complete disaster against the Cardinals in week one, it was a show-me moment for the Titans, and they certainly delivered.

Now after righting the ship, the Titans return home for an always important game against the Colts. Indianapolis is dealing with an injury to starting quarterback Carson Wentz, who suffered sprains in both ankles during last weekend’s loss to the Rams. Brett Hundley and Jacob Eason are the backup options for the Colts if Wentz can’t go.

Wentz was not able to practice on Thursday.

Through all of this, the line has held firm right at five points all week. As things currently stand, Tennessee is a 5.5 point favorite heading into Sunday. The total sits at 47.5.

Jacob Eason has thrown five passes in his career, and one of those was picked off. Brett Hundley has yet to find a home in the league, but does have nine games worth of starting experience. Going on the road against Derrick Henry and the Titans, neither option is a good one.

The Titans, on the other hand, flashed what this offense could look like going forward last week in Seattle. The passing game was carried by Julio Jones, and then Derrick Henry brought the hammer in the second half. All of this on a day where A.J. Brown really struggled, and while the Titans were playing without Taylor Lewan and Anthony Firkser.

The Tennessee offense likely only goes up from here as everyone starts developing a little more chemistry. They’ll face a mid-pack Colts defense this week — one that watched Henry run for 178 and 103 yards in their two meetings last season.

The Wentz situation is one that we’ll be following all the way up until kickoff on Sunday, and it may tell the tale of which side big bets land on come Sunday.