Little Things That Shouldn't Get Lost - Seahawks Edition

-Pruitt's massive energy after half time.

The Titans offense had been moving the ball, but there wasn't a lot of spark until MyCole Pruitt came out for the 2nd half. He caught 2 passes and drew 2 penalties on that drive and really had some fire. That was a must score drive and Pruitt really came through.

-Tannehill learned to check down

Everyone will mention that Henry had a career high in receptions (he actually caught the ball!). But lost in that is Ryan Tannehill deciding more quickly to check the ball down. Tanne usually spends a little too much time looking at his first few options, and the checkdown is always covered up by the time he finally gets there. But late in the 2nd half, something changed. Tannehill was looking 1, 2, checkdown very quickly and it showed. Henry and McNichols were much more open than usual when the ball got to them so they actually had a little run after the catch. That's something Titans checkdowns have really missed through the years.

-Is the defense actually good?

The 'hawks have a good offense. But their 2nd half drives went: 8 plays - punt, 3 plays - TD, 3 plays - punt, 3 plays - punt, 4 plays - end of half, 3 plays - punt. The obvious outlier is the terrible coverage mistake on 3rd&12. It'd be stupid to ignore those horrible mistakes, but I refuse to ignore THREE 3&outs and another successful prevent defense. The Titans looked fast and aggressive in the 2nd half and I loved it and it worked. More Please.

-WTH was the logic in using your timeout instead of the 10 second runoff??!

After a huge overtime win, it'd be unreasonable to question Vrabel about the minutia of his decisions, but I still want to know. When Derrick Henry's TD was overturned, the Titans were 7 points down, with 1st and goal at the 1" line, with 2 timeouts and 32 seconds on the clock. Because there was a review, there would either be a 10s runoff or Vrabel could use a timeout.

The Titans are going to run Henry a least twice and maybe call a play action goalline play. 1st and goal at the 1 is 5.58 EPA and that's without factoring in King Henry and an exhausted Seahawks defense. So I don't want to say the score is guaranteed, but in those decisions, you have to play the odds (or analytics, whatever you want to call it). Taking the 10 second runoff would have left 22 seconds on the clock and the Titans with 2 timeouts. That's more than enough time to score, and would have left a minimum amount of time for Russell Wilson to be a hero. Happy it didn't come back to bite them.