Offensive Line Issues

It’s an understatement to say that last week’s game didn’t go as us Titans fan expected. The offense was stale, the defense didn’t look too different from last season, and the kicking game woes continue. Coaching and play-calling was nothing short of abysmal and all aspects must be severely improved this week.

Offensively, although everyone struggled and play-calling was bad to say the least, I think that the offensive line struggles was the main reason for the offense as a whole’s struggle. Ryan Tannehill was sacked a total of six times, five by Chandler Jones. Faced with constant pressure, it’s hard for Tannehill to play well and execute the plays regardless of play-calling. The offensive line issues also played a role into why Derrick Henry couldn’t get into rhythm as well. Now I’m not blaming solely the offensive line but I do believe that their struggles had a ripple effect that affected the offensive plays of Tannehill, Henry and receivers AJ Brown and Julio Jones. However bad the offensive line played, everyone else needs to step it up as well. Did Tannehill hold the ball for too long at times? Yes. Were there some plays that Henry could’ve run better? Perhaps. Could the receivers have tried harder to adjust to a pass? Probably.

Bottom line, everyone needs play better. Also, Julio Jone’s penalty was dumb and he needs to improve as well. Now he’s been nursing a nagging injury and hasn’t had time to work with Tannehill (who also suffered time away since being on the Covid-19 list) but I expect them to get on the same page soon.

I fully expect the offensive line to improve. Taylor Lewan has not played up to his contract since signing his extension. He needs to be better. I also want to address the right tackle position. Boy do I miss Jack Conklin and Dennis Kelly Right now. Those two held the fort down at the right tackle position for this team and we are sorely missing them now. Financially would it have been expensive to keep Conklin, probably since we had to resign Tannehill and Henry but seeing our tackle position now I think it would’ve been wise to keep Conklin around. And Dennis Kelly, who played both left and right tackle for this team was on a fantastic deal but we decided to move on from him and now our right side is struggling mightily. Isaiah Wilson was supposed to replace Jack Conklin but we know how that went. Dillion Radunz was supposed to be what Wilson was but he isn’t even being considered for the right tackle position right now. With these two players whom the Titans drafted highly in back-to-back drafts I expect better from this position but only time will tell if this position is ever filled.