Dez Fitpatrick and Dillion Radunz Struggles

*Wrote this a while back but didn’t have a chance to post it until now.

Okay we need to have a conversation about Dez Fitzpatrick and Dillon Radunz. A while back news came out that Dez Fitzpatrick wasn’t practicing well dropping three straight passes and oh yeah they were in front of Jon Robinson. He wasn’t playing much during the preseason and there was even a rumor that if he didn’t improve he may be cut from the team. Well the rumor ended up being true as Fitzpatrick was cut from the football team during final roster cuts the last week or so ago. Now I know that the Titans have since resigned Fitzpatrick to the practice squad but for multitude of reasons this does not look good at all.

When Jon Robinson drafted Fitzpatrick I was really surprised. I have not heard of Fitzpatrick prior to him being selected. There were lots of other receivers that I liked better. Despite my personal opinions about the receivers and Fitzpatrick, I trusted Jon Robinson. However, Jon Robinson traded up to draft Fitzpatrick and he traded not one or two but three draft picks to trade up and draft Fitzpatrick. Now that we’ve cut Fitzpatrick from the team all those draft picks essentially went to waste. Now the picks that we traded were low draft picks but I am in favor of having more draft picks than less draft picks. As previously stated the Titans have since added back Dez Fitzpatrick to the practice squad. Hopefully he can grow and use this as a learning experience that just because a general manager traded three draft picks away to come up and draft you doesn’t mean he’s not afraid to cut you if you are not performing up to their standards. For myself, I hope that Fitzpatrick can come back and find success for our football team.

Recently, news also came out that second round pick Dillon Radunz has been struggling as well. He was tried out at guard and Vrabel has said that he was not in the running for the right tackle position. This is frustrating to hear because of the amount of draft capital spent on the tackle position that last two years. Ever since Jack Conklin was let go the Titans have had a hole at right tackle that has not been filled. We all know the horrendous pick in Isaiah Wilson last year and this year we spent a second round pick on Radunz. Hopefully Radunz can develop into a great player for us but I am not thrilled about our right tackle position. Personally, I liked what I saw from Ty Sambraillo and David Quessenberry last year and we also brought in Kendall Lamb for competition. I was not a fan of drafting another right tackle so early in the draft when we had other positions that we needed more help at. I don’t want to knock Radunz while he’s down but I sure hope that he can continue to grow and become a great player for us.

All of this is still very early on in both of these guy’s careers so I’m not going to put too much thought into these early struggles for either guy but I really hope that it is just a learning curve that they need to overcome and not anything more.