Great Teams Rebound

In the NFL great football teams find ways to win football games, especially after a loss. Last year the Titans were a very good football team ending the season with an 11-5 record. However, despite finishing with a terrific record I don’t know if I can call them a great football team. Most notably because they were handicapped by a horrendous defense and lost to some great playoff teams. Teams that played well in the playoffs and teams that the Titans would need to beat to advance to the super bowl. The one loss I want to focus on was the loss to the Bengals last season. The Bengals were not a good football team and yet they found a way to beat the Titans. I understand that the Titans were coming off a narrow loss to the Steelers the week before but great football teams find ways to win after a loss, especially when they are playing a bad team like the Bengals.

This brings up next week’s game at Seattle. After suffering the horrible loss last week to the Cardinals the Titans now face a difficult challenge of going to Seattle who looked very good in their victory over the Colts last week. Great football teams find ways to win so despite what happened vs. the Cardinals, despite playing in Seattle against a good Seahawks team the Titans need to make major improvements if they want any shot at leaving Seattle at .500. There is a good chance that the Titans come back home 0-2, but if they want to show that they can be great then they must either win or put up at least a competitive game this Sunday in Seattle. If so, then maybe there is still a glimmer of hope that this team can return to form.