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Mike Vrabel “called out” Julio Jones yesterday

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Tennessee Titans Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

A lot was made yesterday about Mike Vrabel’s response when asked about the Julio Jones personal foul call. Vrabel called it was “dumb sh*t that hurts the team in bold letters.” Here’s the clip from Paul Kuharsky:

He’s not wrong. That penalty was a killer. The offense was having trouble getting rolling. They finally had a positive play on first down, a 9-yard gain, and instead of having 3rd and 1 the penalty put them in 3rd and 16.

It was somewhat surprising to hear him come out so strongly against a veteran like Julio, but it was most likely more about making a statement to the rest of the team. If a guy with the resume of Julio Jones is going to get “called out” like this when something happens it puts everyone on notice.

It was a brutal first game for Julio. He had multiple drops and the aforementioned penalty. The lack of practice time for the offense as a whole really showed up on Sunday. Can they get on the same page and rebound in Seattle?