Update Roster Prediction

I count 47 "locks" now with seven positions largely depending on how many of any position the Titans keep.

Best Calls: I was in the huge minority that thought Abry Jones was done and the Titans would look to go younger along the DL. Woodside beating out Kizer was a great call when many thought Kizer would win it. I always thought he was too mistake-prone...and I was correct.

Worst Calls: I had no idea Marcus Johnson or Chester Rogers would put on a clinic in camp. They have established themselves as #4&5 WR's respectively.

Offense: 27

QB (2)

Locks: Tanneyhill

Bubble: Barkley appears to have the better arm and more experience, but Woodside has the experience in the system. Neither has separated themselves by any wide margin and both have had more than serviceable moments. Still wouldn't shock me to see the Titans cut them both if another, better option arises.

Prediction: Barkley (Woodside on the PS)

RB (4)

Locks: Henry, Evans, Blasengame

Bubble: I predict the Titans could roll with 3 at RB at least the first week so they can carry eight WR. I know this is a crazy prediction, but they have so much depth at WR with each of these depth pieces carrying a special teams function. Hill and McWeapon were very lackluster. Sargent is the only one with upside, but neither can displace Blasengame's ability as the FB/3rd down QB protector.

Prediction: In a numbers game, Sargent upsets the two veterans.

WR (8)

Locks: Ju Jones, AJ Brown, Reynolds, C Rogers, M. Johnson, Fitzpatrick

Bubble: I just can't see the coach cutting a guy the GM traded up for and took in the 4th round now that he's shown something. Now we are down to several guys that all have special teams ability. McMath has the edge with his ability as a gunner and the fact he was drafted. Kinsey appears to be a team favorite as well as some value as a returner. He reminds me of what we hoped Humphries would become. I think there is a role for him on this team. However, Batson gets the nod ahead of Kinsey because he has experience and essentially plays the same roles with the added speed to go deep even if he isn't strong enough to fight off more physical corners at the line of scrimmage. Fred Brown appears to have had a solid camp as well, but the numbers are unequivocally against him.

Prediction: McMath and Batson (Kinsey to PS)

TE (4)

Locks: Firkser, Swaim and Stocker

Bubble: I just don't see any of these TE's showing anything. As good as the WR's have been is as uneventful as the TE's have been. Forristoll had a good first game, but did less in the 2nd. It wouldn't shock me to see the Titans sign a veteran in week 2, but I think they'll sneak two TE's on the practice squad and continue to churn the roster at TE on the margins. Hudson's blocking TE spot was taken by Stocker.

Prediction: Hudson squeezes in. Forristall to PS

OL (9)

Locks: Lewan, Saffold, B Jones, N Davis, Lamm, Sambrailo, Radunz, Brewer, Quessenberry

Bubble: I just don't see much here on the roster that excites me. I'd cut Radunz if it didn't cost so much money. He's awful. The Titans need to hire someone who understands offensive lineman development. Bring back Mike Munchak!!! Munyer is awful. All the offseason marginal additions look like Mexican bull fighters (and I'd be offended for the bull fighters). I'm told by my college football playing friends that continuity is most important on the OL and secondary so I don't see them adding or subtracting barring some huge release surprise.

Prediction: Titans stick with 9

Defense: 23


Locks: Simmons, Tart, Autry, Murchison (5)

Bubble: This is a battle between Peko and N Jones. Both have flashed. Peko has a high motor, but my guess is they need depth behind NT where Tart will flex out to DT/DE on running downs to save some snaps. Wouldn't shock me to see them keep 6 for depth. I'd have chosen Coley here as he was dominating inferior talent before his untimely injury and because I predicted him in my first roster prediction.

Prediction: N Jones

OLB: Dupree, Weaver, Landry, Simon, Adeniyi (5)

Bubble: Roberson is officially on notice. He remains injured and/or ineffective. Adeniyi made inferior talent look inferior and adds ST value. Roberson's days are done as a Titan. Titans could keep six, but there is no one on the roster that necessitates such a move. Ray is worth noting as he consistently plays above the lower-rung talent, but the Titans elevated Skipper above him last year.

Prediction: Titans roll with 5 OLB, Roberson sticks if Dupree goes to PUP. If not, Titans attempt to put both he and Ray on PS.

ILB (4)

Locks: Rice, R Evans, Jay Brown, D Long,

Bubble: I estimate the Titans would love to trade Evans to a LB-needy team for a 5th round pick or better. Seems unlikely at this point, but one can hope. That would leave the Titans with terrible depth. Rice simply doesn't look ready to play. If he is getting faked out on wheel routes in the preseason, he's really going to struggle when offenses start scheming.

CB (5)

Locks: C Farley, Fulton, Jenkins, C Jackson, Molden, Borders

Bubble: I don't see anyone on this bubble. I wonder if they'll keep six, but CJax has some versatility and has ST value.

Prediction: No other current team members on PS or roster

Safety (4)

Locks: Byard, Hooker, M Farley

Bubble: I believe Cruikshank is limited as a safety, but a good, not great ST player. Breeze has shown nothing that makes me think they won't cut him.

Prediction: Cruikshank makes the roster, Breeze to the PS

Special Teams (3)

Locks: Ficken, Kern, Cox

The last two on the roster were Sargent and Hudson. The Titans could easily keep Breeze and cut one of them for dead money reasons and do just as well. I doubt anyone would pick up Hudson. It still wouldn't shock me to see R Evans traded and the Titans keep an extra defensive player or take another off waivers from another team, but Evans will be so much better than any other team's leftovers and his salary is sunk costs either way as it is all guaranteed. The Titans would need a decent draft pick to consider a trade at this point.