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Mike Vrabel announces he has tested positive for COVID

NFL: Tennessee Titans at Tampa Bay Buccaneers Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Vrabel has tested positive for COVID and will be quarantining for the time being

We know that Mike Vrabel has been vaccinated so he will be able to be back with the team if he has two negative tests in 10 days. If not, he will be out for 10 days. Hopefully this is a false positive, but if not, hopefully his symptoms will be mild. The vaccine is reportedly helping on that front.

No one else has tested positive to this point. The protocol for returning to play for the guys that do will vary based on if they have been vaccinated or not. The Titans are supposedly at least 85% vaccinated. That would make it easier if the team does see an outbreak.

I cannot wait for all of this to be a thing of the past. At least if the Titans are going to have to deal with it they are doing it before the regular season starts.