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Titans have hired James Wilhoit as a coach

Baltimore Ravens 2007 Headshots Photo by Getty Images

Mike Vrabel announced in his post-practice press conference that the Titans have hired James Wilhoit as a coach. When asked what his title was, Vrabel told reporters to “check the website.” As of this writing he is not on the website. We will stay on top of any developments on that front.

This is a great move by the Titans. They have been horrible at the kicking position for the last three years:

Wilhoit responded to that tweet last year:

(h/t to Paul Kuharsky for pulling those tweets)

This line of questioning started when someone asked why there were no kicks in practice today. Vrabel said it was to give those guys a break. They could go ahead and give those guys a big break, by releasing them and bringing in Stephen Gostkowski to kick. I still don’t understand why they haven’t done that yet.

You can listen to more about the kicker struggles in today’s Homerun Throwback Daily here.