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Ryan Tannehill says NFL protocols are the reason he got the COVID vaccine

Syndication: The Tennessean George Walker IV / via Imagn Content Services, LLC

After the announcement last night that players who either aren’t vaccinated or aren’t fully vaccinated would have to wear a mask during stretching, we knew there would be a focus on who was wearing a mask when the Titans took the field to stretch. Twitter was set ablaze when the reporters at camp tweeted that Titans QB Ryan Tannehill was wearing a mask.

Tannehill was asked after practice about the vaccine. He said that he is in the process of getting the vaccine. As a refresher, players aren’t considered “fully vaccinated” until two weeks after the second shot. Tannehill didn’t say exactly where in the process he is.

He did admit that he wasn’t going to get vaccinated until he saw the strict protocols in place for players that weren’t vaccinated:

When asked why he had previously chosen not to get the vaccine he started to answer but then thought better of it. Smart move on his part.

As I discussed this morning on Homerun Throwback, listen here, the competitive advantages of a player being vaccinated are pretty huge. From that standpoint, it is a good thing that Tannehill decided to go ahead and get the shots.