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Mike Greenberg: Ryan Tannehill is the ‘most disrespected player in the league’

NFL: AFC Wild Card Round-Baltimore Ravens at Tennessee Titans USA TODAY Sports

Fans of the Tennessee Titans are used to seeing their star players go overlooked. It’s only natural — a smaller market team that for years wasn’t exactly interesting in any sort of way. But times have changed, and the Titans have turned into an annual contender in the AFC, boasting one of the NFL’s best offenses over the last two years.

What exactly changed? The quarterback situation, of course. Ryan Tannehill was freed from the chains of Adam Gase and has found a perfect home in Nashville with the Titans. The veteran passer has transformed the Tennessee offense, forming a potent pairing with Derrick Henry and the rushing attack.

Still though, Tannehill gets his fair share of disrespect. Just this week Tannehill was left off of ESPN’s top ten quarterbacks list, which featured analysis from players, coaches and NFL executives.

At least one person at ESPN sees what Tannehill is doing. Watch Mike Greenberg sound off on the disrespect below.

“Since he became their starting quarterback, Tennessee’s offense is No. 1 in yards per game, it’s No. 1 in yards per play, it’s No. 1 in redzone, it’s No. 3 in scoring, it’s No. 3 in total efficiency, it’s No. 3 in third down,” Greenberg noted.

Tannehill is 18-8 during his time as the starting quarterback in Nashville. As Greenberg also pointed out, he’s done that with the 29th ranked defense in the league during that time. He’ll be entering his third season with the team this fall.

At the end of the day none of this matters. It’s just offseason content to get us through the summer months. And quite honestly, it’s maybe not even disrespect, maybe it’s just people not paying attention because he plays for the Titans — or the perceived idea that he just turns around and hands the ball off to Derrick Henry. Whatever it is doesn’t diminish the work that he’s done here in just a couple of seasons.

Now armed with a healthy A.J. Brown and Julio Jones, Tannehill has a chance to really light things up in 2021.