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Jon Robinson: “Get as many good players as possible”

Wild Card Round - Baltimore Ravens v Tennessee Titans Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

Jon Robinson has had a really good week. First, on Sunday he pulled off the trade for Julio Jones. That deal only cost the Titans a 2nd round pick in 2022 and a 4th in 2023. The Titans won’t likely miss that pick in 2023 because they will get a compensatory pick or two in that draft.

Then he made room under the salary cap for Julio’s contract by renegotiating Ryan Tannehill’s contract. A simple restructure would have created enough room, contrary to what some would tell you, but Robinson didn’t do that - he added a couple of voidable years to the end of Tannehill’s contract so the cap hit isn’t outrageous next season.

Robinson was on Good Morning Football on NFL Network this morning talking about the trade:

He’s exactly right, fans are super stoked to have him here.

I love how simply he puts his job, “to get as money good players on the team as possible.” That seems like such an oversimplification of the job, but that’s what it is all about. Robinson didn’t let salary cap tweaks or a future pick keep him from making the most of the team’s current window.