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Julio Jones Titans number revealed

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Denver Broncos v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

The Titans have announced that Julio Jones will wear number 2 with the team. I will be buying one for everyone in my family. There is no doubt that it will be the best-selling jersey on the Titans in no time. You can get yours here.

This is interesting from A.J. Brown:

In case you have been hiding under a rock, the Titans traded for Julio Jones on Sunday. They gave up a 2nd round pick in 2022. They will also send a 4th round pick to the Falcons in 2023 and get back a 6th round pick in the same draft. Jon Robinson’s best deal yet.

It will be interesting to see if Julio is on the field for the Titans mandatory mini-camp next week. J-Rob said in his presser after the deal that they would talk about when Jones would be on the field this offseason. It doesn’t really matter either way, but it would be really cool to see him out there in the two-tone blue.