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Kevin Johnson retires; Titans sign a wrestler

Cleveland Browns v Tennessee Titans Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images

Most days during the summer the news that comes out at 3 PM central with the NFL transaction wire is pretty boring. You will see a guy you have never heard of get signed or cut from a team you don’t care about. Sometimes you see the same thing with the Titans.

That was not the case today when it was announced that Kevin Johnson was placed on the reserve/retired list. That’s right, the Titans signed another guy in free agency that decided to retire before actually playing for them....wait, Vic Beasley didn’t retire? I think I could convince you otherwise.

Johnson was a former first-round pick who was never good in the NFL. It sure seemed like the only reason they signed him was because of his familiarity with Mike Vrabel from their time together with the Texans. That worked so well with Johnathan Joseph last year there was no reason not to try it again /end sarcasm

The other interesting part is where the Titans signed a guy, Adam Coon, who didn’t play college football. Yep, you read that right. Coon was an All-American wrestler at Michigan and just missed qualifying for the Olympics. There’s no doubt he’s an athlete, but it seems like it will take some time to get him up to speed to play in the NFL. He’s expected to attempt to play guard for the Titans.