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Jim Wyatt: ‘I still think there will be an addition at tight end’

NFL: NOV 12 Colts at Titans

We found this potentially juicy quote while reading through the latest edition of Jim Wyatt’s mailbag.

When the Tennessee Titans allowed Jonnu Smith and MyCole Pruitt to sign contracts elsewhere in free agency, fans began panicking about the emerging need at the tight end position. To be fair, it’s easy to see why. Following those two departures, the team had little in terms of proven assets. Anthony Firkser is currently slated to start while veteran Geoff Swaim appears set for a big role as well. Second year player Tommy Hudson is battling for a roster spot with rookie undrafted free agents Miller Forristall and Briley Moore.

While answering fan questions on the team’s official website, Wyatt predicts that the team will add another tight end before the regular season kicks off.

Here are the full details.

Question: Hey Jim hope everything is going good and well with you and your family. I appreciate all the insight you give about the Titans. My question is do you see us adding more Edge or CB depth or try and add another offensive weapon? Because I would try and sign someone like Ingram on a 1 year prove it deal around 5 million for edge depth and a veteran leadership with our younger players as well then maybe go after someone like an O.J. Howard from Tampa via trade because. I fully believe in Farley and Molden to be exceptional rookies on defense this year thank you for all you do for all the fans out here.

Jim: Hey Paul. I know the GM is always looking for ways to upgrade, and also add depth. After Kevin Johnson’s retirement, I can’t help but wonder if someone else will be added to compete. The edge position has numbers, but if someone of quality is available, I could see another guy added to the mix. I still think there will be an addition at tight end, it’s just a matter of who and when.

Wyatt doesn’t pretend to have any extra insight into these things anymore, especially since he works for the team now. But he’s in that building daily, and a statement such as “it’s just a matter of who and when” is certainly intriguing.

Between the free agent pool and potential trade options, players such as Zach Ertz, Jesse James, Tyler Eifert or Trey Burton could be available. If the team adds a tight end, I’m of the opinion that a one dimensional pass catcher such as Ertz doesn’t make a lot of sense. Firkser is your pass catcher and Swaim is your run blocker. If this team is adding a tight end, it should be one with more versatility than the current players at the position have.

Do you want to see the Titans add a tight end? If so, who do you have in mind?