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Jim Wyatt: ‘Are the Titans done adding receivers? I don’t think so’

NFL: NOV 12 Colts at Titans

Another mailbag, another quote from the great Jim Wyatt. This one came a few days ago, but feels incredibly noteworthy right now.

It’s fair to say that Tennessee Titans fans were a bit shocked by the team’s strategy in the draft. We were all expecting them to select a receiver much earlier than they did. Ole Miss’ Elijah Moore was the overwhelming favorite in the first round during the final tour of mock drafts. Moore was on the board, but the Titans went with Caleb Farley instead.

Given Farley’s tremendous upside, I’m a fan of the decision. Most fans assumed the team would address the receiver position with their next pick. Spoiler alert: They didn’t. In fact, the Titans selected four players at four different positions (including inside linebacker) before adding a receiver on Day 3 in the form of Louisville’s Dez Fitzpatrick.

This has left fans scrambling and worried regarding how the depth chart currently shapes up at pass catcher.

Jim Wyatt of the team’s official website has an inkling that the team is still looking for a game changer at the position, according to the latest edition of his Mailbag.

Here are the full details.

Ryan Gilpatrick from Indianapolis, Indiana
Question: Hi Jim. Overall I was very satisfied with the Titans draft. I know some people didn’t like that we didn’t pick a wide receiver until the fourth round, or a tight end at all, but I trust what the team has planned. People thought we should have drafted a tight end last year, because all we had was some guy named Jonnu Smith, and look how that turned out. However, about the wide receiver position, does the lack of early picks there mean the Titans are confident in their bid for Julio Jones? Or just that they didn’t think any receiver was the best on the board before Fitzpatrick? Thanks.

Jim: Hey Ryan. Props again for getting Farley right. I can’t speculate on where things are with Jones, or if the team is in contention to get him. The GM didn’t want to go there when asked about it over the weekend. I do think the Titans had interest in other receivers in the draft, but things just didn’t unfold right to pick one. Are the Titans done adding receivers this offseason? Personally, I don’t think so.

Wyatt doesn’t pretend to have any extra insight into these things anymore, especially since he works for the team now. But he’s in that building daily, and his opinion is certainly noteworthy, even if he himself tells you that it’s simply an educated guess.

Looking at what’s left on the free agent market is a bleak exercise. There’s nothing of note. The trade market however tells a different story.

Could the Titans look to make a deal for a superstar like Julio Jones? We shouldn’t rule out a tight end, either. A pleyer like Zach Ertz, O.J. Howard, David Njoku or Cameron Brate may also be on the move.

Would you like to see the Titans trade for one of these players?