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By the Numbers: Titans first round pick CB Caleb Farley

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The 2021 NFL Draft came to a close on the weekend. We will spend the next few weeks taking a closer look at this draft class, because let’s be honest, what else is there to talk about right now?

I for one am excited to spend this time continuing to analyze the players selected by the Tennessee Titans.

I did this “By the Numbers” article for every player the Titans signed in free agency. I’m about to do the same thing for the Titans’ draft class. If you enjoy this, let me know in the comments. I’ll do the same thing for their UDFA class if so.

I also tweeted out a few clips from Farley on Twitter. Be sure to check that out as well, starting here:

I know there are some concerns with his back injury, but I’m a huge fan of this pick. Farley was a Top 10 player in this class on pure talent. I thought cornerback was a position the Titans absolutely needed to address in this draft. I fully expect Farley to be ready for the season and to start on the outside.

Farley has a dynamic skill set. He moves incredibly well for his size. If the injury didn’t keep Farley from testing throughout the predraft process, every sign points to the fact that Farley would have put up some insane testing numbers. He would have ran the 40-yard dash in the low 4.3’s.

His footwork is the first thing that jumps out on tape. It’s clean, smooth and efficient. His ability to stay in phase with his man throughout the route is excellent. He never panics when in coverage. He plays the position with great confidence. Farley gets his hands on the ball and can take it away. His click-and-close is A-1.

The Titans want to play more press coverage going forward and Farley is that type of player. He has the athletic ability to play on the boundary. He’s an advanced technician. I can go on and on. I’m a big fan of this prospect.

Let’s take a deeper look into how PFF graded Farley throughout the 2019 season (he opted out of 2020).

Games played: 11

Total snaps played: 653

Pass coverage snaps: 396

Targets: 50

Receptions allowed: 18

Yards given up: 257

Interceptions: 4

Touchdowns given up in coverage: 1

Passer rating: 26.8% (Lowest among all Power Five CB’s).

Overall grade: 86.9

These numbers are elite. There are some more stats and facts I want to make you aware of.

Farley played seven games in 2019 where he gave up just one catch or less.

Farley recorded a grade of 90.0 against Power Five receivers in 2018 and 2019.

Farley never gave up a touchdown of 25 yards or more at Virginia Tech.

Farley allowed the lowest completion rate (36%) of any cornerback in the ACC since 2015.

Farley forced more incompletions (10) than he allowed first down completions (9) in 2019.

Leave your thoughts in the comments.